SSP and SWEEPS® Endodontic Laser Treatment

SSP and SWEEPS® Endodontic Laser Treatment

Fotona’s root canal laser treatment successfully addresses a major disadvantage of classical root canal therapy, the inability to completely clean and disinfect complex root canal systems.

Advantages of and SWEEPS® Technologies

  • Fast, Effective and Minimally Invasive Treatments with Multiple Laser Technologies
  • Increased Success Rates
  • SSP and SWEEPS® delivers cleaning solutions throughout the tooth’s small nooks and crannies removing bacteria, dead tissue and debris.
  • Reduced complications
  • Less need for additional costly procedures such as surgery, retreatment or extractions and implant therapy.
  • Increased patient safety
  • Cleans the entire root canal anatomy without the risk of extruding cleaning solutions beyond the end of the root.
  • Reduced removal of tooth structure = Reduced tooth fracture

Science behind the magic

  • SSP laser produces photoacoustic waves within the cleaning irrigants in the root canals.
  • Canals and sub canals are left clean and free of bacteria and debris.
  • SWEEPS®  improves the irrigation and disinfecting efficacy of laser endodontics.
  • Accelerated collapse of laser-induced bubbles enhance shockwave emission even inside the narrowest root canals.

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