The Evolution Endodontics Commitment

Dr. Soucie and the staff at Evolution Endodontics work with you to make your dental procedure as predictable and painless as possible. We care about your health and your teeth. We strive for long-term results. And we take pride in the quality of our work.

Previously Castle Rock Endodontics, we changed our name to Evolution Endodontics to better describe the way we approach our work.

ev·o·lu·tion: (noun)

Gradual development of something simple to a more complex form.

Our Advanced Approach

Microbes. They're everywhere, but when they worsen your dental health, it's a problem. Dr. Soucie fixes that. In addition to his DDS, Dr. Soucie earned his master’s degree researching the interaction of those tiny bacteria and your dental outcome. If not properly treated, bacterial invasion of the tooth leads to infection, necrosis, and eventually loss of the tooth––and a host of health complications. At Evolution Endodontics, all infected teeth are treated to prevent this from happening, enabling your body to heal on its own prior to completion of your treatment.

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