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Advanced Technology For Your Comfort and Health

We utilize the best equipment to ensure you get the best care

Zeiss Microscope

Zeiss Microscopy

  • Microscopic GOLD standard in optics and function 
  • Increased visualization for our team facilitates precise
    treatment planning and execution
  • Increased efficiency results in reduced treatment times
  • Reduced physical fatigue for our team enables our team to perform at the highest level
  • Reduced eye fatigue facilitates consistent visualization and execution of care

Carestream 8100 3D CBCT

  • Significantly lower radiation dose than the comparable CBC​T system​s​
  • Radiation restricted to interest area via selectable fields of view and fast scanning
  • ​R​educe​d​ length of exposure for further safety.  
  • ​U​ltra-high resolution images at 75μm ​for optimal imaging
  • Highly specific for endodontic evaluation ​
  • ​Facilitates evaluation of missed canals, tooth fractures​, bone fractures, bone demineralization/ periapical pathology, lamina dura, bone pathology, spatial relationship to maxillary sinus and mandibular nerve
  • ​Facilitates optimal diagnosis and treatment execution



Kodak RVG-6200 Intraoral Imaging System

Unrivaled high-resolution Images

  • Faster and more accurate diagnoses
  • Improved treatment planning
  • Better patient care

Safer for you

  • Less radiation than traditional film

Comfortable Positioning

  • Smaller sensors with rounded edges for your comfort

Improved Patient Care

  • Precise anatomical detail for precise results Immediately Processed
  • Reduced treatment time and shorter appointments

Environmentally Friendly

  • We only have one Earth and we are trying to do our part in caring for it
  • Digital radiographs eliminate chemicals used to process traditional x-rays
Nomad Pro 2

Nomad Pro 2

  • ​Reduction of patient radiation by 14% vs conventional systems​
  • ​Increased image clarity decreases need for additional exposures
  • Decreased chair time due to increased efficiency with portable X-ray system
  • ​Reduction in radiation scatter allows the operator to remain in the room​

ProMark® Apex Locator

ProMark® Apex Locator

  • Precise length determination
  • Ideal obturation length promotes faster healing and decreases post-operative inflammation
  • Reduces patient radiation exposure with fewer x-rays to determine canal length
  • Reduces patient treatment time

Beats Studio3 Wireless Headphones

Enjoy your own music and mute the sounds of your procedure with the best noise-cancelling headphones on the market.


Canon DSLR Camera

  • A picture says 1,000 words
  • HD photos conveys vital treatment information to your general dentist for treatment completion
  • HD video for patient and referring doctor education

TDO: Practice Management Software

  • On-line registration for patient convenience 
  • Immediate inter office communication with access to x-rays, clinical images and treatment notes
  • On-line peer group of the world’s leading endodontist for education and evolution of our endodontic skills
  • Most widely used endodontic software in the world

SS White V-Taper Files

  • Designed to conserve vital peri-cervical dentin 
  • Removes a minimum of 42.5% less peri-cervical and coronal root dentin when compared to other variable taper files
  • Smaller tapering results in unmatched flexibility while providing more initial access and conservative restorative options once the root canal is completed
  • 9 out of 10 referring dentists experience frustration in restoring endodontically treated teeth that do not preserve supporting dentin, vital to the long-term success of the restoration
  • Achieve deeper apical shapes while developing naturally shaped canals that better simulate the original anatomy, allowing better access for irrigating and cleaning, and 3-D obturation
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Ultrasonic Irrigation

  • Very efficient removal of dentine debris, pulp tissue and bacteria.
  • Irrigation of the entire root canal, especially in the apical area.
  • Micro-cavitation and micro-streaming increase the efficiency of the irrigant (eg. thermal effect).
  • Stainless steel, for efficient transmission of the ultrasonics.
  • Can be pre-shaped for the treatment of curved roots.
  • Non cutting instrument, with parallel flutes, respects the root canal anatomy.
  • Minimally invasive protocol.
  • PUI improves the sealing of a root canal filling.
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